ESA™ – Education Services Associations

Education Services Association (ESA™) advances thriving school cultures of positive mental health awareness & responsiveness and trauma informed practices that promote social & emotional learning, character development, mindfulness, safety and security.

Mentally Healthy and Trauma Informed schools are characterized by positive mental health awareness, school safety & security and infusion of social & emotional learning, digital citizenship, conflict resolution, strategic thinking, character development & executive functioning curriculum.

Benefits of Mental Health Awareness & Trauma Informed Professional Development include: Improved student attendance, reduced incidence of suspension and I & RS committee and CST referral. Most importantly, an improved sense of self-esteem among the student body contributing to an overall healthy school culture of safety & security.

 “Staff That Train Together Thrive Together”

Dr. Anthony Hadzimichalis, founder of ESA, serves as Principal of a thriving therapeutic school for students with emotional & behavioral disorders. Anthony is an author, a public speaker and thought leader in the area of mentally healthy & trauma informed schools.

Dr. Hadzimichalis has found success in practice as a Teacher Leader and a School Administrator utilizing a similar approach to fostering a thriving, responsive and positive culture of school safety and security adhering to three unique leadership tenets that he has coined as follows:

  • Model 4T™ – The concept of those who “Train Together Thrive Together™”
  • The “Best Theory™” -The notion that we must always bring our best if we wish to see the best in others
  • The “Self Care or Get Nowhere™” Mindset (SCGN)

Dr. Hadzimichalis guides his professional development firm in the advancement of positive school cultures surrounding mental health awareness, school safety and security with the goal of fostering the social, emotional and academic growth of our future generations at the forefront.

Social and Emotional Learning is the subject of Dr. Hadzimichalis’s second publication titled, “Socially Promoted Students’ Lived Experience of Transition into High School.” His first publication, “Retention and Advancement: Grade Retention as Short Term Policy in a Framework of Comprehensive Reform” provides policy guidelines for establishing organizational congruence around the concepts of social and emotional learning in reference to the purpose of school.